Air Intake Filter Cartridges for Gas Tuines
Gas turbine air intake filter cartridges and Dust collection filters produced by Polymer Papers are most suited for all latest high performance gas turbines which are sometime subjected to extreme dusty and humid conditions.

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These cartridges are manufactured from imported impregnated cellulose or synthetic blend filter media. These filter media is pleated in filter paper pleating machine, specially designed by our engineering division to create mechanical pleat separators for maintaining equal space between two pleats. The pleated media stack is supported by expanded metal outer retainer and zinc plated perforated inner retainer to bring stability in filter paper stack. Further to establish rigidity and stabilisation in completed filter cartridge, specially developed adhesive is applied on two end caps and outer surface of the cartridge. Cartridges are also offered with all sizes and shape for replacement market. In its respective range, Polyfil range covers all space cartridges equivalent to Donaldson, Pneumafil, AAF, Delberg & Farr.

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Other gas turbine air intake filters include a complete range of Pre and fine static panel type filters in different sized and media as required by the customers.
All filters are subjected to in-house testing procedures as per customers' requirements and followed the international standard like ASHRAE, BS, ARAMCO, etc.

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Polymer Papers with its efficient facilities and state-of-the-art testing facilities and specialised experts ensure that every filter is flawless with confirmation of customers' specification and highest quality standard.
In the marketing and servicing arena our team of engineers is always on call for our valued customers to provide any assistance that may be necessary from time to time. Quality service is our top priority and in a modern society where perfection is sought even in industries such as car insurance, we know our consumers expect nothing less.

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