The Air /Oil Separator Elements are designed for the removal of oil mist from the discharge of rotary vane style air compressors.Several popular models of air / oil separator elements are available from cylindrical pleated design of microglass with a variety of flanges, with several layers of media and gaskets with spare kits. Air flow capacity from 50cfm to 150cfm with 0.3 - 10 micron selectively and 99.9% removal efficiency are the ranges. These elements are limited, however, to 100-degree centigrade operating temperature at 4 bar maximum differential pressure. A specialty with POLYFIL's Air / Oil Separator Elements are the Mist Eliminator Elements which are used for separation and elimination of oil smoke and mist from mechanical and rotary machinery.
Polyfil Metal Elements are designed and fabricated for removal of hard, coarse particle contaminants from hydraulic, lubricating and cutting oils and from fuels and solvents.Made in cylindrical or pleated form with single / multi - layer screens, a large variety of metals. These are available in the 5-250 micron in selective range, with a maximum temperature range up to 350 degree centigrade maximum operating temperature and with a 550 bar collapse pressure rating.
Pleated Media Air Filter Elements are used as air intake filters for removal of atmospheric dust on compressors, blowers and engines or as compressed air elements for removal of scale, rust and other contaminants.

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