Filter Papers
Base & Impregnated Filter Reels
Polypa Base and Impregnated Filter Papers cover the full spectrum of filtration needs with GSM ranges from 80 to 300 and Air Porosities from 16 to 1600 L / S / m2 (Litres per second per square meter).

The Company is a certified ISO 9001 accredited by DNV, Certificate No. QSC ñ 5509 and has an excellent Research & Development facilities.

Polymer Papers has its own specialty resin manufacturing facility giving it the unique ability to manufacture resin specifically to meet customers exacting standards.

The Company can supply Impregnated Filter Paper in reels in a maximum deckles of 1,250 mm with any slit size combination to suit this deckle e.g., 600 mm + 300 mm +350 mm, or any other similar combination totaling 1,250 mm as may be required.